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     I have used NoakHillCarpetCleaners a couple of times and the cleaners always do good work. They are cheaper than other cleaning companies in town.
Myra Carlton21/05/2020
     The Carpet Cleaners Noak Hill cleaners met every single expectation I had. They were friendly, prompt, and informative. They took the time to move and cover my valuables, requiring no instruction or supervision - one of the best.
     We run a local theatre and just hired Carpet Cleaners Noak Hill to do upholstery cleaning, and they were great. And very affordable, which is really important for a small business.
Cameron Jules10/06/2019
     I can never keep my kitchen clean. No matter how much work I put into cleaning, it always winds up messier than ever. Wanting to get it to the perfect state, I got NoakHillCarpetCleaners to take care of the job. Their expert staff did a thorough job, removing every speck of food, every stain, every crumb. Once they were done, the kitchen was cleaner than it had ever been. I may make it messy again, but I now know I have them to cover me.
Nick Cooper24/09/2015
     My home had slowly become every messy and cluttered over time and I felt enough was enough. I would not be able to tackle the cleaning myself so I contacted NoakHillCarpetCleaners. They were able to give me some advice and info, and I soon decided to hire their help. I'm glad I did because I had several people helping me wash, clean, wipe, sort and more. Our combined effort resulted in my home looking better than it ever had. They were a great help and I will keep their number available for the next big clean I face.
Jack Turner18/12/2014
     I have a really lovely large sofa in the study but it had been looking a little shabby for a long time, and what with the food stains and the wine spills I knew I couldn't put off cleaning any longer. I searched online for a sofa cleaning company and found NoakHillCarpetCleaners reviewed and rated rather positively. The sofa cleaners did a marvellous job and my sofa now looks brand new. No amount of dusting or wiping at home could have gotten such perfect results. I'm really pleased with the cleaning agency and can't wait to try out their other services.
Anna F.19/09/2014
     When my daughter spilt red wine all over the living room carpet at one of her parties, I hit the roof. I knew that red wine on a cream carpet would be impossible to remove, so after much scrubbing and trial and error with different brand products that claimed to remove stains, I decided to give up and call up the professionals at NoakHillCarpetCleaners. I am so please I did, they had the whole carpet cleaned in record time, for a fraction of the price I was expecting. Excellent all round!
Miles Y.04/09/2014
     If you're in need of a cleaning service, then allow me to share my experiences. NoakHillCarpetCleaners is quite probably the best one around here, and I've hired most of our local cleaners! Their staff always do a great job, making every surface - no matter how delicate look immaculate by the end of the day. I've always had little niggling issues with the cleaners around here, but not with these guys. They do a fantastic job for a very reasonable price. So yes, if you want to hire a cleaner, then be sure to give this one a try first. I've had no problems, and I see no reason why anyone else would!
Jason P.21/08/2014
     I always want to make sure that a company is given praise when they perform well and given good feedback when they do less of a good job. Thankfully, all of my comments about NoakHillCarpetCleaners are hugely positive and I cannot thank them enough when it comes to making sure that the home gets as clean as possible each week. They're in charge of all of the cleaning in my home now and I could not be happier. They really do a fantastic job and I cannot find a single note of criticism or contention. Excellent job, rightly praised.
Jennifer Nelson04/06/2014

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